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Keyword - Sydney Escorts - Extremely Competitive

With a massive 24000 people searching Sydney Escorts each month for that exact term you can imagine how competitive this market is, top 3 spots is not even beatable as they are massive directories and within 5 months we have got our client to a stable 7th which is top 4 of achievable goals. You can see the steady growth we achieved with this website. When it comes to extremely competitive keywords such as this, you really need to expect a year or more to get to the front page so to be able to do this within 5 months was just an amazing experience for our client and for us.

Keyword - Shop Fitouts - Medium Competition

With a large margin of profits in the fitouts niche we didn't only secure our client the top spot for Shop Fitouts Sydney but also securing the top spot for the generic term of Shop Fitouts as can be seen with our screenshot. To take out a generic search term like this requires google to see you as the 'authority' of the search so anything shop fitouts related should be sent to your site. It not only drives the targeted search term towards your site but also people who are interested in any information regarding what a shop fitouts could be, which is great for receiving extra leads.

Keyword - Office Fitouts Sydney - Extremely Competitive

With profit margins in the millions within the Office Fitouts industry you can imagine how many of these huge companies are spending large on marketing campaigns such as SEO / SEM and the competition levels that come with these large budgets. Although this keyword wasn't as fast as we might of wanted to begin with the steady growth that should come with strong SEO work being done too it is crystal clear. Our client is always happy knowing that we are constantly driving his keywords towards that top spot.

Keyword - Dilapidation Report Sydney - Low competition

Not everyone's business needs require extremely competitive keywords for them to succeed, so even though this was not a highly competitive keyword we still delivered to the client his 1st position ranking and maintained it for 8 months so far and we will maintain it for as long as he requires. We could cover this page in extremely competitive keywords however we accept clients in all sizes and for all types of keywords so we went with putting up our recent work.